ARCA Swiss Mod.B 8x10"

Leight weight 8x10Inch large format camera in fine and good working order (B+), 4.6 kg only, all movements yaw-free swiss precision, light seals are new, movements are smooth and lock down tight & easy, with precise detents that don't stick, 18in/45cm rail, 16in/40cm bellows, no pinholes and beautiful (burgundy), there's a crack in the ground glass (see photos), but as it's near the edge, it is barely noticeable. Comes with a 240mm f:9 Schneider Kreuznach G-Claron, single coated in a Linhof branded Compur shutter (freshly serviced & running smoothly) with a self-made but precise aperture scale, mounted on an Arca lens plate (off center, for a little bit of extra shift). This lens goes extremely well with the camera, it's light and still has room for movements. Also, it's so small you won't have to unmount it when packing the camera. With cable release and front cap. 3 Lisco double film holders (light tight + loaded) 4 ten-sheet boxes of 8x10in Kodak Portra 160VC / NC, expired, but they have always been kept in the freezer and are still good.
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Euro 1.390,-

Linhof Super Technika IV

4x5" (9x12cm) large format camera with built-in rangefinder, with Schneider-Kreuznach TECHNIKA Symmar 1:5.5/150 (1:12/265) and Lisco Regal 4x5 Inch double cutfilm holder, in very good shape (B+)
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Euro 880,-
Camera 31
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